Air Conditioner Installation

Bloch Is the First Choice for Air Conditioner Installation and Repair in Cedarburg

If your cooling system has had trouble keeping you comfortable the last few years, or it’s making some weird noises when it runs, it’s time to think about a new AC installation. The experts at Bloch Appliance, Heating & Air Conditioning have everything you need to find, repair, and maintain the perfect air conditioner for your home—call us today at 262-377-8530.

We Specialize in High-Efficiency Air Conditioner Replacement

Besides providing reliable cooling comfort, a new, high-efficiency air conditioner installation comes with many benefits, including:

  • Big savings on energy costs
  • Increased value for your Cedarburg-area home
  • Improving the quality of your indoor air
  • A dramatic reduction in your environmental impact

Proper Sizing Is Key to a Long-Lasting, Energy-Efficient AC

Bloch Appliance has the energy-efficient Bryant® cooling system for every kind of home and budget. Finding the right one for you is just a matter of measuring your home before we start the air conditioner installation process. This step ensures your system cycles properly and won’t waste energy trying to cool a home that’s too big.

Our AC Installation Includes Heat Pumps and Commercial Rooftop Units, Too

Our experts are well-versed in cooling systems of all kinds—not just residential units. For example, we can install air-source heat pumps, which transfer heat between the home and outdoors and are the most common type of heat pump. They also work as dehumidifiers because the system naturally removes moisture from the air as it runs.

Looking for cooling solutions for a commercial building? We’re the team to call for that, too—we can provide room temperature control and comfort for office buildings, schools, shopping malls, and other commercial structures.

Keep Cool This Summer With Professional Help From Bloch Appliance

We have the solution for all your cooling concerns this summer. Expert air conditioner service is just one phone call away—262-377-8530 (or contact us online).