24-Hour Emergency Refrigeration Repair in Cedarburg and Beyond

When your fridge is on the fritz, you need help fast! We specialize in complete, full-service refrigerator repair services, and we can work on both the fridge and freezer parts of your appliance. Whether the refrigerator isn’t cooling, the icemaker isn’t making ice, the freezer is making strange noises, or its doors aren’t closing properly, our qualified technicians can diagnose and repair the problem in no time at all.

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At Bloch, we offer a full range of services so no matter what make or model you have, we’re able to help. With more than 50 years of experience, our technicians can handle a huge variety of refrigeration repair issues, large and small. Our licensed, bonded and insured refrigerator repair professionals will begin by inspecting your refrigerator and troubleshooting the issue. Once we know the cause of the malfunction, we’ll proceed with the refrigerator repair, part replacement or other solution. Using top-quality products and careful craftsmanship, Bloch will ensure that your refrigeration repairs are done right for long-term performance. See us for refrigeration repairs for a wide variety of fridge, freezer, icemaker and wine cooler makes.

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